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minutes. >>> we're following a developing story out of laurel tonight. a gas station clerk in the hospital. he was shot during an attempted robbery and tonight the suspect is still on the loose. darcie spencer reports from laurel. >> reporter: laurel police officers were called here to this skon gas station on old sandy spring road before 8:00 tonight for a report of an attempted robbery and shooting. police are confirming that the victim in the case is a cashier here at the exxon station. he was shot during this attempted robbery after apparently trying to fight him off with a chair. and police are telling me the suspect went inside the tiger mart at the gas station this evening and confronted the clerk who was not behind the glass there at the clerk's station. that's when some sort of struggle ensued and the suspect pulled a gun. >> apparently there was a struggle between the two and a chair was thrown? >> yes, at the time the suspect and cashier refuse d to give th money, a skuchl ensued and the cashier threw a chair and the suspect pulled out a gun and shot the cashier. >> reporter: th
last year in georgia shortly after graduating from law school. this weekend the laurel community is coming together to remember giddings, and raise money for a cause that she cared about. news 4 spoke with giddings mother, and darcy spencer is in the newsroom with what they had to say. >> reporter: her mom made it clear it's the support of the community that helps them get through the very dark moments. today that community got together to do something gettings loved to do. that's to play softball. at a field in laurel, members of the community are playing in a softball tournament in memory of 27-year-old lauren giddings, a laurel native and law school graduate found brutally murdered near her apartment in june of last year. her mom says the community helped the family deal with this tragedy. >> just overwhelmed. i am truly overwhelmed by this beautiful day and the outpour of support from this community. >> reporter: karen giddings said lauren loved softball and this tournament made possible by donations and volunteers was the ideal way to honor her. >> she loved people coming to
with that. >> reporter: derek, some long time residents of laurel said it is a problem they have lived with for decades. tonight they asked the city council there to do something about it. it wasn't subtle. >> our police officers are racist. they've done took off their klan uniforms and put on their badge and gun. >> reporter: the precipitating incidentas last month when a laurel struck three times in the head a handcuffed suspect. >> we will no longer accept or put up with the behavior of the city of laurel police department. >> reporter: they believe their concerns have not been taken seriously. >> they want to scrape it under the rug and think that this will go away. this is not going to go away. >> reporter: they took their complaints to a monday night city council meeting where they were promised all allegations will be investigated. >> if there are some bad apples out there, we're going to take care of the bad apples. >> reporter: the police chief says both citizen and police have to do a better job of communicating with one another and says without working on it, the trend will
:00 at the kettering community center. >>> tonight the naacp will once again call on the city of laurel to overhaul its police department. it's holding a protest before a city council meeting. the civil rights group is angry about this incident caught on tape. it shows a laurel police officer slapping a handcuffed man in a bar last month. the city removed the officer, but the naacp says it's received several complaints from people who claim laurel police officers used excessive force on them. >>> a brand new state of the art athletic field was dedicated in memory of yeardley love. ♪ the field is located near notre dame prep in baltimore where love attended high school. love is the former university of virginia lacrosse player who was murdered six months ago. her boyfriend george huguely beat her to death in a drunken rage. love's family says building the field is what kept them going. >> it gave me something positive to focus on and to work on. it really pulled us up and got us going and got us out every day. >> the field cost $1.2 million to build. it was financed through donations to the school and
on their laurels after a wild? >> well i guess everybody rests on their laurels after some point. i think resting on laurels is a dangerous thing for science to do because those laurels tend not to be all that, all about foundational or all that strong a foundation. i think one of the things that probably the public recognizes at least about science is that we tend to have less regard for facts then was generally thought to be the case and science is although we work for practice and we work to get data, we also realized the most malleable least reliable part of the whole operation that whatever you find today will surely be superceded in some way or another, revised or overturned completely in the worst case but certainly revised by the next generation of scientists are the next generation of tools. buses been for the past 400 years in 14 generations is what we have done and i think we welcome it. sciences revision. we welcome revision. revision in science as a victory. >> you writing here that science and nature magazines are very important for scientist to get published and that if you are goi
thunderstorms. there's no rain in the forecast today. there is a look at our newest camera, in laurel. patchy clouds developing. 66 degrees in laurel, 64 degrees in bowie. in winchester, 59. mostly sunny today, very fall- like. the average high is 76. we will be close to 70 for the high temperature this afternoon. in boston it's only 62 degrees today. 96 in dallas. 77 in atlanta with sunny skies. miami has a chance of showers. more on our chance of rain, coming up. >> today on the campaign trail the race for the white house taking a different path. national polls show president obama leading in key battleground states. today mitt romney will try to close in on that by its second straight day in ohio. paul ryan will attend a town hall meeting in ohio as well. president obama is in new york city and will go to the un general assembly. tomorrow the president and the first lady will appear on the view. hispanic voters may decide to stay away from the polls because of changes to voting laws. new photo id laws as well as proof of citizenship requirements and efforts to remove non-citizens from paro
will be slowing there. accident first reported northbound 17 santa cruz at laurel so far doesn't show significant slowing we'll keep our eye on that. san mateo bridge westbound towards the highrise traffic getting a little bunched up, a little below the speed limit towards foster city. bay bridge obviously metering lights on, traffic backed past the west grand overcrossing heading into san francisco. >>> 6:19. >>> i'm going to close my eyes quick check of the baseball scores coming up. >>> forget the chicken crossing the road. how about a family of ducks. video good morning! wow. want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. >>> the first of yoga day at at&t park in morning where fans can take part in a stretching session on the field from 8:00 to 9:15 a.m.. tonight giants take on diamondbacks
. >>> new developments involving the figure skating coach in laurel accused of fondling a teenage student. 50-year-old genrich sretenski who competed in the 1988 olympics is accused of kissing and fondling a student in lake placid last year and sending the teenager hundreds of text messages. the judge denied extradition. sretenski is still required to turn himself in to new york state police within three days. he has denied the allegations. >>> a 3-year-old child has died after a fall from a third-floor window. this accident happened yesterday at a home on raspberry drive in leesburg. the young boy was air lifted to a fairfax hospital where he died this afternoon. police tell us the fall was an accident. they remind parents to be careful with kids and open windows, especially now that the weather has cooled. >>> now, to presidential politics. the august fund-raising numbers are out. for the first time in this election cycle, president obama and his party raised more money than mitt romney and the republican party. romney raised $111 million in august, president obama $114 million. most of
:00 at the kettering community center. >>> and tonight the naacp will once again call on the city of laurel to overhaul its police department. it's holding a protest before a city council meeting. the civil rights group is angry about this incident caught on tape. it shows a laurel police officer slapping a handcuffed man at a bar last month. the city removed the officer, but the naacp says it's received several complaints from people who claim laurel police officers used excessive force on them. >>> new this morning, a man is in the hospital after being shot along rhode island avenue in northeast d.c. that shooting happened about 10:00 near a rite-aid store. we're told the man was shot in the leg. he was taken to the hospital. his name and condition not being released right now. so far no arrests have been made. >>> new this morning, the u.s. military has handed over control of bagram prison. american military officials gave control of the prison to afghan government in a ceremony north of kabul. the prison holds around 3,000 detainees, including many taliban and terror suspects. afghan president hami
down toward d.c. even in town now, look at laurel here, the darker reds in northwest d.c. coming out of arlington about to cross the capital area. we're also looking in northern charles county with some showers and rumbles of thunder there. this will be out another couple of hours but the rain is causing all sorts of issues on the roads. here's beverly farmer with more. >>> right now, howard, what we've been dealing with since after midnight, the crash on the inner loop of the beltway between old georgetown road and the exit for 355 bethesda. involved a tractor-trailer that knack knifed. fuel spilled and on the inner loop of the beltway still single file to the left gets by. this is the shot at old georgetown road, the taillights heading away from you on the inner loop. light volume at this hour so it's not causing too much time. they hope to have everything wrapped up there very soon. on the 95 corridor, a southbound crash in fredericksburg. overnight road work near the rapahannock river has been cleared. northbound volume starting to build as you make your way in. here's 66 eastbou
noticiero, el presidente obama tiene la mayoría de los hispanos, pero no se puede dormir en los laureles, dara el alcalde julián castro quién hablará de las opotunidades de este país a su familia. >> caminaba con su madre, hoy lo hace con su pequeña hija, karina. su presencia será muy útil cuando esta noche pronuncie el discurso principal. >> siempre se bueno poder relajarse con la familia aún en situaciones tan estrezantes. >> tiene listo el discurso? >> todavía no. estoy aún trabajando pero creo que voy a estar preparado antes de el martes, creo. >> lleva semanas y su español con el primero le va mejor. >> que aporta a la convencion y a la campaña. >> hablaré de la familia que mi abuela vino de méxico, y mi madre fue a la universidad y mi hermano y yo conseguimos los sueños. >> si lograron su sueño de convertirse en servidores publicos fue gracias al activismo logró luchar por los sueños. >> de niños les gustaba ir a las actividades? >> no, no, no, se quejaban, pero uno piensa que no están aprendiendo, pero si lo aprenden y es importante y ellos conocen que eran imp
, moving well. coming fromn 295 laurel. 395 southbound from the district the 14thth ride from street bridge to the capital beltway. back to you. >> thank you. in chicago, teachers plan to go strike this morning. the first time in 25 years. contract talks with the district that down over issues pay, benefits, and job security. the mayor of chicago, rahm emanuel, says the strike is not necessary and it's not fair to children. officials plan to feed and at 144 schoolsts during the strike. >> loudoun county supervisors a targeteder help fightrogram to lyme disease. past, spring has proven ticks thatgainst carry the disease. parents are right about the side effects on children. high risk areas of county property would be sprayed under the proposal. we are looking at 58 degrees. >> a major construction projects a bridge in and out of the district. >> dangers at local libraries despiten kept his job anncr: this casino's in west virginia. but it makes millions off marylanders every year. now they're running dishonest ads. why? becaususe voting for question seven is a vote to b auild a... world-clas
spot in the 40s this morning. 53 in college park and 52 in laurel. in laurel county, haymarket and leesburg checking in with 54. outside on our michael & son weather camera, still quite dark again an hour and 40 minutes give or take until the sunrise. here's wisconsin avenue looking good this morning. get out now traffic no problems. in most areas, monika will be along in just a moment. 60 in town with calm winds and humidity at 80% under partly cloudy skies. temperature trend over the next few days shows the cooler air and the great lakes down through the midwest and it's going to be diving off to the south and east. look at this by saturday, it's going to head down to kansas city and st. louis. only near 70 for highs. we're going to be ahead of the cold front so we'll be in the mid 80s tomorrow. but by sunday, the colder air heads our way. we'll only be about 70 for the high in marquette barely be 50 so yeah a nice shot of fall- like a air moving in just too time. big storm, you can see this thing spinning here in the upper great lakes and south central canada. a lot of showe
. look at all the weather move around. then we had nice clearing toward sunset on the bay. in laurel, that's -- a quicker clear off here in laurel. under partly cloudy sky 90%, air temperature 72. the dame down at camden yards, muggy conditions, that's going to hold up for another 24 to 48 hours, the best chance for that comfortable fall air won't start until late sunday into monday. moderately humid and hot at "times". tomorrow afternoon one of those times. there is the rain. as we look to the future, i think a generally dry day. not to bad. as we look at the time frame from friday into saturday this is where it becomes more interesting. coastal showers lining up. then a new frontal boundary. this will bring in the dry pleasant dry air. in the meantime we will have to deal with these two systems, that can happen over the state if -- we could have quite a bit of rain saturday night. sot orioles game may be dicey in terms of rain delays. rest of the weekend looks good. the east is clearing up. the remnants of isaac, less likely it'll develop into a new named storm. still a rare activ
husband continue to keep here at the gardens ice house in laurel, maryland and have had the overwhelming support she says of students both past and present. >> they could not believe those allegations and they fully support. >> reporter: he will spent the night in jail as he awaits an extradition hearing in the next couple of days. in laurel, maryland, erica gonzalez. >>> a maryland student accused of opening fire on the first day of school is charged with nine counts of attempted murder. a 17-year-old special needs student is still in the hospital. the suspect is charged as an adult. police say he used an antique shotgun to open fire in the cafeteria last month. >>> there has been a second attack at capitol hill. the victim robbed blocks away from where another man was nearly beaten to death. police want to know if the two crimes are connected. >> reporter: both men were robbed at night and many of them right here on north carolina avenue southeast. this is a spot where a lot of people like to park and go to restaurants and bars here. on capitol hill tonight there is more concern after
. temperature wise this morning, we are at 7 # degrees in laurel. less by at -- 74 degrees in laurel. patchy follow this morning. now over to you. >>> a quick check of traffic on this monday morning. not a lot in ways of road traffic you see. this at 95 and eastern avenue. what you are seeing through the haze of the black and white is a police cruiser and a tow truck. we are trying to find ute what's going on here right -- find out what's going on right here right now. traffic will be light on this monday morning. a lot of people not having to go to work. but as far as this accident, we will have a check of that coming up in a bit to let you know what's going on. >>> today is the day when the crews start to take down the pairers and -- barriers and back into roads they will be using. >> all that went up and now coming down after the weekend of racing that was the baltimore grand prix. >> it could be a few days before we know how many people showed up. we saw a lot of empty stands. folks there say they had a great time. >> yeah. they are kind of loud. >> a lot of horsepower and i am here to w
. >> the prince george county the naacp wants a into thenvestigation man in of a handcuffed laurel. was caught on tape laurel police officer hitting dante williams e was alreadyter h arrested. the n.a.a.c.p. said officers excessive force and it justice department to investigate. is suing the police department for $3 million. >> from overseas, the atherlands reporting collision in the hague has people.35 e tram rammed another. it's 5:39 and 56 degrees. much more ahead. terrifying moments and sounds caught on tape. >> what we're learning from we put a week's worth of bad odors in a home. some aerosols may just mix with them. can febreze really remove them? we asked real people what they thought. take a deep breath for me. describe the smell. it's very pleasant. fresh. some kind of flower maybe? remove the blindfold... awww, oh yuck! i didn't smell any of that! febreze air effects doesn't mix, it actually removes odors. [ laughs ] wow, that's incredible. just another way febreze helps you breathe happy. with no added sugar. just one glass equals two servings of fruit. very "fruit-ritious." or try
. traveling in maryland, southbound 95 coming out of laurel, we are seeing heavy traffic. e accident is on the shoulder 212, but delays 198. prior to heading towards the beltway, , makingt a steady pace the drive from montgomery county 270. back to you. >> thank you. 5:31. new developments in the drunk drivers in the district. will resumeers alcohol testing starting today. john gonzalez is live in northwest to explain why the suspended the last years. >> d.c. police will once again today with a very important tool. they are setting up checkpoints and especially in areas like the barsgan with all and restaurants. the breathalyzer test were halted a two years ago after was in accurately calculated, putting hundreds of into question and causing lawsuits. tougher drunk driving penalties are in place in the district. offenders could spend jail and face a $1,000 fine. for tory jail sentence doubled.fenders have blood alcohol levels for commercial vehicle driver's is at 0.04. for people challenged the city and won lawsuits. each will receive $20,000. people. >> and iraq war veteran colorado
with wet weather in the morning. gaithersburg, silver spring and laurel, all of this is moving off toward the east as of now. so montgomery county, all of this is pushing into howard county. it's going to be slicing also over into anne arundel county. that's where we're dealing with a shower now. we can see it around shadyside and also deal. this will be sliding off toward the bay and we will begin to slowly dry things out as we go through later hours in the morning. for now temperatures are quite mild, in arnold 66 degrees, 62 in emmettsburg and jessup coming in at 65. the hour-by hour forecast brings us to 75 degrees as we head into lunchtime and we will be dry. let's get a check now of the abc 2 time saver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >>reporter: good morning, lynette. we are following breaking news in anne arundel county. there's a two-alarm fire right now in lothiam on bee street. one person has been taken to the hospital with smoke inhalation. we, of course, will bring you the very latest as it does become available. now, as lynette mentioned, we are dealing with a lot o
a better organized campaign and we really saw it with this laurel and hardy routine around the convention speech. >> mike allen dropping baffled and laurel and hardy in reference to the romney team. with 50 days to go what's team romney going to do? we're going to discuss next on "now." bob... oh, hey alex. just picking up some, brochures, posters copies of my acceptance speech. great! it's always good to have a backup plan, in case i get hit by a meteor. wow, your hair looks great. didn't realize they did photoshop here. hey, good call on those mugs. can't let 'em see what you're drinking. you know, i'm glad we're both running a nice, clean race. no need to get nasty. here's your "honk if you had an affair with taylor" yard sign. looks good. [ male announcer ] fedex office. now save 50% on banners. to compete on the global stage. what we need are people prepared for the careers of our new economy. by 2025 we could have 20 million jobs without enough college graduates to fill them. that's why at devry university, we're teaming up with companies like cisco to help make sure everyone's read
center. >>> also, the naacp will call on the city of laurel to overhaul its police department. it's holding a protest before the city council meeting. this tape shows a laurel police officer slapping a handcuffed man outside a bar last month. the city removed the officer, but the naacp says it's received several complaints from people who claim laurel police officers used excessive force on them. >>> maryland will honor its olympic heroes today in baltimore. governor martin o'malley will help lead the ceremony at the inner harbor. swimmer michael phelps will be among the olympians honored. paralympians will also be honored for their achievements. >>> this morning football fans everywhere talking about robert griffin iii's brilliant debut. [ cheering ] >> he threw for 320 yards and two touchdowns as the skins upset the new orleans saints 40-32. he didn't throw any interceptions. the rookie quarterback didn't seem nervous either before or during the game. >> the one thing i don't do is try to stress about anything or prove anything to anyone. just go out and have fun. this is a game
crossed that your friday morning stays that way. route 32 out of columbia, 95 coming in down toward laurel, the bw parkway, no issues to report into greenbelt. all that construction in the greenbelt area on the beltway is cleared up. let's take a live look outside. if you're planning to head here on 95 at route 198, as i said, coming in from laurel and even baltimore, everything is looking good. back over to our maps. this time we'll head over to the inside of the beltway. 395 across the 14th street bridge, 295 at the 11th street bridge and even 66 toward the roosevelt bridge, all lanes are open to the river. we'll take a live look at the 14th street bridge. nice and light this morning. i'll be ba with more coming up at 5:09. back to you. >>> american embassies around the muslim world are on heightened alert fearing protests could intensify after friday prayers. >> meanwhile, there have been arrests in libya connected to tuesday's deadly attack on the u.s. consulate. 9news now reporter kristin fisher is live outside the state department with the latest. good morning, kristin. >> reporter:
of historic glass and chandeliers. >> it's over in laurel heights wood chuck antiques. ther
-95 as well as ralph 1 between laurel and the capital beltway. back to you. >> it is for 56 -- 4:56 right now. kathy bates is recovering from a double mastectomy. she was diagnosed with breast cancer two months ago. she says she will not have to go up -- undergo radiation or chemotherapy. she also tweeted that she does not miss her breasts as much as "harry's law," her show canceled last may. >> today madame tussaud's will release a -- reveal a wax likeness of taylor's with. offense to wear red can get into the museum for free. it will also get a copy of her red album when it is released. >> it is 4:57 60 degrees outside. >> people upset over how long it took the lights to go on in june anncr: this cano's in west virginia. but it makes millions off marylanders every year. now they're running dishonest ads. why? cabecause voting for question seven is a vote to build a... world-class resort casino in maryland. creating thousands of jobs and... ...according to the official department of gislative... services, hundreds of millions for our schools. while saving taxpayer m
it on android, take a look. 63 laurel. we have a band of showers moving across the area. monday that could be a problem. we will talk about that coming up. . >> and a deal to good to be true. the gown website that left a bride to be in tears. the news is back in 60 seconds. . >>> welcome back. we go overseas for the developing story in the middle east. africa and now sasia. anti machine demonstrations as the bodies of four americans killed in libya arrive back in the united states. >> reporter: american forces in afghanistan's camp bastion came under fierce assault. at least two were killed before the attackers were driven off. as night fell on the mideast, anti united states protests raged for a 4th straight day. in cairo hundreds of demonstrators burned american flags and chanted anti united states slogans. the angry protests have spread to more than 30 countries, police used a water cannon in other egypt. in sudan they stormed the embassy. black smoke came from the embassy in tunsia. one by one the four americans killed in libya came home for the last time. chris stevens, shaun smith
investigation at a hotel at washington boulevard and laurel when two subsets -- when two suspects drove off. they fled and ended on -- investigators say uncover drugs and guns at the hotel room and the vehicle. maryland state police-cam videos shows how dangerous highway can become when forests fail -- when motorists fail to observe the move-over law. >> this man is lucky. he is about to get off with a warning after racing down i-70 at 80 miles per hour. as these officers work to protect the road, they are not always lucky. this stop on june 14 started the same way but ended in a horrific accidents. a tractor-trailer driving too close to the shoulder slammed the police car and hit the state trooper. >> i guess i heard the rumble strip, just before the vehicle came across or came towards me, i took a quick glance over my shoulder. >> he made it to the railing before collapsing. >> i have been hit by a car. >> since then he has been taking physical therapy for injuries to his shoulder, back, and leg. he also has post-concussion syndrome. might hurt his eyes and he cannot balance. >> i see the
a laurel woman while she was away at college. lauren giddings was found dead last year at her apartment in macon, georgia. she had just finished law school. the community came together for the first annual butterbean softball tournament. money raised is going to the special olympics. giddings neighbor and classmate has been charged with the murder. he remains in jail. but no trial date has been set. >>> we're sure getting spoils with this beautiful weather. we want it to continue forever, but we know it can't. chuck bell is here to tell us if it will. chuck? >> i think we can squeak out an awfully nice sunday. it probably won't be quite as pretty as today was, but i think you won't find too many things to complain about with your sunday forecast. for now, your saturday night has turned delightfully cool outside. many of the suburbs already well down into the mid-50s now. 55 in manassas, 55 in culpepper. still 60 at reagan national airport. a chilly start in the morning. here are your startoff temperatures, a lost 40th on the map. we'll talk about how nice tomorrow will be and when the r
'll need a rain coat. >> wild sky in laurel. it's that mix of sun and clouds and hit and miss showers have been more miss than hit. we've seen a few showers. the storm south and west of disk. we think most of the action will stay. you can see the storms popping in northern virginia, the northern part of the shenandoah valley with the remnants of isaac. we're watching leslie offshore. the frontal boundary coming at us. eat late with a few showers -- 80s with a few showers south. we'll talk about that and your complete forecast coming up. >>> the sheriff in queen anne's county face as multimaryland lawsuit. a woman claims he knew the brother was harassing her and did nosmght queen anne's county cher sheriff gary hofmann and his brother john hofmann are being sued by kristy taylor. she said hofmann assaulted her in twine. corporal hofmann pleaded gill ti to second degree assaulted and murphy said one day later she was let g sheriff hofmann said he completely removed himself from the case because of a conflict of interest. a spokesman for the agency said it would be inreport to comment because
. lot of the laurel camera. beautiful finish to the day. clear skies. temperatures drop off the current conditions, 60 now. humidity at nearly 80%. the dew point what we look at tonight in particular, 53. that is dry, dry air. sunset getting earlier, 7:21 and temperatures across central maryland. low 50s to near 60s. 60 in baltimore. 52 in york right now. all right across the area it's continuously clear right now. we have a few clouds earlier this evening out at pennsylvania. those are diminished. those were fair weather clouds and across the east coast right now we continue to stay clear. we do watch our next front at boundary that will be marching in out of the northern plain states here. asset showers lining up from -- the south of montana into nebraska area. and as we look at the trend here, here is the set up. lie pressure will continue to control tonight and into the day tomorrow. more sunshine. more sink air. more lack of cloud cover. don't forget the sunglasses as you head out the door and another day where you could probably crack the windows and maybe not have to crank the ac
stone, news 4. >> police are called to investigate the laurel police department. a cell phone video shows an officer hitting a man in handcuffs last month. leaders with the prince george's chapter of naacp say the video shows possible brutality. the officer in that video was currently on administrative duty. >> robbery does not appear to have been the motive in a shooting inside a rite aid in the northeast tonight, authorities are asking for your help in finding the gunman. surveillance video show him about 9:30 last night. police say he covered his face with a surgical mask and then shot an employee. the victim is expected to be okay. in april, surveillance cameras captured a different gunman, shooting a manager in a robbery paralyzing him from the waist down. >> a teen found guilty for killing a catholic university graduate student. eric foreman was con vivicted o first-degree, premeditated murder. foreman was 16 at the time. he could face life in prison without parole. his sentencing is set for november 16th. >> now, to the storm clean-up, this huge tree blocking glee road in arl
just hours ago after a gunman demanded money at an exxon station in laurel. according to prince george's county police the suspect came in demanded cash. the clerk refused and threw a chair at the suspect. the suspect shot the clerk in the upper arm. he is doing ok and now police are searching for thepect. a rash of armed home invasion have d.c. residents on edge tonight. in three separate incidents a group of men entered homes and held up the residents at gunpoint. some of the victims are afraid this could happen again. >> the men behind these home invasions haven't been caught. they seem to be desperate. they roughed up a 75-year-old woman who thought she was safe inside her own home. >> we need to put a lock on the door. >> shirley was defenseless when a couple of young men rushed into her apartment friday afternoon. >> they came in with guns. i mean, they had guns all on my head and everything. they knocked me out of the chair, knocked me over the coffee table and he said where's the money? i said, i don't have any money. >> they came int
of germantown, a couple sprinkles near laurel. but everything is light. no reds, no yellows, that is a good thing. temperature wise, 83 great falls. 82 in vienna. 81 in fairfax. 82 in springfield. 83 in bowie. so, still humid and unsettled. that's pretty much the deal. a few storms tonight and they will continue after the sun goes down. bring your umbrella to the nats game. more storms on wednesday. and a hot finish to the week. we're going to add more heat to our humidity on thursday and friday. for tonight, partly cloudy, muggy, a few storms possible. some could produce some heavy rain. lows between 70 and 75. winds southwest at 10. tomorrow morning, probably a dry morning commute. partly sunny, warm, and humid. a late shower is possible. that's closer to lunchtime. 70s and 80s. winds southwest at 10. by afternoon, partly sunny, hot and humid. shower or thunderstorm possible. either one could produce heavy downpours. high temperatures near 90. and winds out of the southwest at 10. next three days, because the heat and humidity, we're going to keep code yellow. some storms tomorrow, 89. pr
him in trouble. 50-year-old teaches at the gardens ice house in laurel. his are not releasing details but the charges stem from an incident in lake placid last september. it is a mecca for figure skating training and competitions. news4 spoke exclusively to his wife and his lawyer. they say his students support their coach and the charges will be fought. >> there's a forceable touching charge, first degree sexual offense charge, third degree sexual offense charge. >> they could not believe those allegations and they fully support, they're going to be behind us. >> he will be held in the howard county jail until his
-old teaches at the gardens ice house in laurel. a 16-year-old student there claims that he kissed and fondled her during a confrontation in lake placid last year. news4 uncovered the civil lawsuit in prince george's county. it says the incident happened inside his hotel room and the suit says
. 60 years, millions of women, real results. >>> you got a window of opportunity top enjoy, laurel because you'll have off and on showers for the rest of the night. wyatt everhart will have the details coming up. >>> buying a house can be stressful and confusing. that's what schemers are counting on. a new tactic is trying to get money from you in the weeks after you buy. >> reporter: the joy of buying a home can oftenning lost in the flurry of paperwork as mortgage records and loan documents begin to blur together. that gives some a chance to strike. an abc2 report irgot this one we decided to look noo. it's an offer to get a copy offed deed to the home he just bought this. looks official with a washington, d.c. address and appears time sensitive with final notices sent and a $35 late fee if you don't act before the deadline. the paper says you can get your deed for $85. we're sending out a warning. you can get deed for far less money because it's a public record. the baltimore city said certified deeds cost less than $10 on average but this company wants you to pay more. although
into the ex on on sandy spring road in laurel with a gun around 8:00 last night and demanded money. the cashier refused to and that over. the suspect shot the cashier, then took off. injuries are not life threatening. >>> and now to a story first on fox 5. a prince george's county police officer accused of a cover-up. an august indictment alleges a veteran cop lied about why his gun went off during an incident in february. a cottage city 19-year-old spent nearly four months in jail as a result. fox 5 obtained surveillance video and we have the story. >> i'm not resisting. i wasn't doing anything wrong. >> reporter: ryan dorn says after being jailed for four months, it's painful to watch the video. he's 20 now, angry, still unnerved by his encounter with police. >> i heard a shot, seen a flash and i felt something. so i thought i was dead actually. >> reporter: the video shows ryan smacked in the head, a flash as the gun goes off. prosecutors say that's contrary to the story corporal donald taylor first told about being assaulted by an aggressive youth, resisting arrest. >> he didn'
department to investigate the police in laurel. the naacp members accused officers of violating their civil rights. the complaints intensified after an incident last month caught on video. it appears to show a laurel police officer striking a handcuffed suspect in the head three times. >> the police officers are racist. >> there are some bad apples out there. we'll take care of those bad apples. >> monday night's city council meeting, the mayor promised every complaint will be taken seriously and investigated. >>> montgomery county police are looking for a robber who used a taser on his victim. a woman told investigators she was at a bus stop in silver spring when a man shot a taser at her leg. then took off with they are cell phone. this happened -- with her cell phone. this happened at the intersection of buckknell drive and prit charred road. >>> former d.c. council chairman kwame brown will not be sentenced next week as originally scheduled. his sentencing has been pushed back to november 13. you may remember brown resigned his seat in june and pleaded guilty to bank fraud and a misdeme
not even know until it is on top of your home. now it is up towards beltsville and towards south laurel. this is where i used to live, just to the west of the bw parkway, through beltsville and northeast from there. next stop if it keeps on going, would be laurel and then columbia and maybe toward baltimore. a while yet, but that would still be -- this is still good. this warning will be for a while. d.c. has now been cleared. the beltway outside the beltway, you're still in the tornado warning. i just talked to one of the producers about which one is worse, warning or watch. nobody understands. warning is a longer word, it is more important. it is the bad one. watch, a shorter word, not as bad. we're in the warning. we're in the bad one. >> somebody tweeted me from the d.c. area, i thank you, somebody said my goodness it looks like armageddon outside. >> power lines are down, flooding going on right now too. >> pictures of the white house, you see the drop on the camera and the capital building. you can see the flag just flying, see it there as well, just crazy, crazy rain out there. k
in northwest, tony tull, news 4. >> that's a good-looking jacket. thank you, tony. >>> the naacp wants laurel's police department investigated. it's video from this cell phone that appears to show an officer slapping or punching a man in handcuffs last month. leaders with the prince george's county chapter of the naacp say it shows possible police brutality, and they want the justice department to step in. they also want a federal probe into what they call racial profiling and discrimination in hiring. the officer in that video is currently on administrative duty. >>> a jury found a teen guilty of killing a catholic university graduate student. that jury convicted eric foreman of first-degree premeditated murder in the death of the man. the man was gunned down while riding his bike in sherman circle in 2010. foreman was 16 at the time. he could face life in prison without parole. sentencing is set for november 16th. >>> robbery does not appear to be the motive behind a shooting inside a rite-aid in northeast. police are asking for your help to find the gunman. sid yoe shows the man entering t
faces a maximum sentence of six months in prison for each charge. >>> a local naacp chapter wants laurel's police department investigated by federal prosecutors. this stems from this cell phone video that appears to show an officer punching or slapping a man in handcuffs last month. leaders with the prince george's county chapter of the naacp say they want possible --Ñp1úc this video shows possible police brutality, and they want the justice department to step in. they also want a federal probe into what they call racial profiling and discrimination and hiring. the officer in that video is currently on administrative duty. >>> 6:35. 55 degrees. ahead, a change in plans this year to honor those local people who died on 9/11. >>> also, drivers being told to brace for the worst. the work that begins today and lasts for a year and a half. >>> plus, new pressure in the debate over who should pay to keep metro open late >>> and tumbling temperatures again this morning. when we can expect to warm up again. anncr: this casino's in west virginia. but it makes millions off marylanders every year
-year-old gingrich teaches at the garden icehouse in laurel. new york police are not releasing a lot of details but they say the charges stem from an incident in lake placid last september. the city is a mecca for figure skating training and competitions. his lawyer tells us her client is facing sexual abuse charges. he will be held in the howard county jail until extradition hearing today. >>> right now alexandria police are asking for your help to find a missing elderly man. david short suffers from dementia and needs daily medication. he was reportedly on his way to virginia hospital center in arlington. police say he may also be somewhere in the gainesville area of prince william county trying to find a relative. short may be driving a 2006 silver or green honda crv with virginia plates kbk-6001. anyone with any information about short or his vehicle should contact police. >>> it is 5:07. new proof that men and women truly do see things differently. >>> also ahead, tracking new developments out of canada after someone starts shooting at a victory celebration. >>> plus, why you're
happily married. my wife and i lived around laurel village in district 2. we have two small children. our goal is five and our boy is three. how parents and excited to be here on the board. >> why did you choose to live in san francisco? and tell us about what motivated your interest in politics. >> choosing to live in san francisco was natural, given that i was born and raised here. when you are a child, you do not understand what you have until you leave home. i have the fortunate opportunity to live in los angeles and abroad in ireland and in philadelphia. there is no place like home in san francisco is your home. very natural and something was looking forward to in trying to find a job to come home to after law school. my job afforded me that opportunity, to come back to the bay area. so i'm lucky, and i will be here the rest of my life. in terms of getting into politics, for me, it was two reasons. first, being from here was part of my motivation. really feeling a sense of routes in san francisco, and also raising our children here. as a young family, we went through the discussion a
inside an exxon in the 7800 block of old sandy springs road in laurel saturday night. the clerk was shot in the upper arm and is expected to be okay. >>> this morning, the world marks the passing of a self- proclaimed messiah who founded a church known for its mass weddings and voice in the conservative movement. that is coming up next. >> also, president obama heads to louisiana in the wake of hurricane isaac to see the clean-up after the storm. we're back in a moment.  [ male announcer ] the magic of nature appears every day, within each h strand of an oas rhythmical sway. when an apple's vibrant red temptation, and honey's sweet touch of golden sensation, join together with a pecan crunch you'll savor, creating the most perfect lesson in flavor. ♪ nature's best-written recipe is ready for you to enjoy. nature valley, nature at its most delicious. now try our new crunchy dark chocolate peanut butter bar. >>> president obama is visiting hue hue today to get an up- close look at the damage caused by hurricane isaac. parts of the state and mississippi are still flooded. >> hundr
and southern laurel. for areas like gaithersburg, you'll be getting some rain and moving away from front royal and marshall there. so, a little wet weather that i think is going to hang on until 8:00 a.m., 9:00 a.m. or so, and then some on-and-off showers, but most of the area, at least for the afternoon, will be on the dry side today. 79 is your temperature. southeast wind at 5 miles per hour. heat index big story, too. here we are for the afternoon and evening hours getting into the low and mid-90s. that heat index is what it would feel like. so, today's high, 92, feeling more like 95, 96 around 3:00 p.m. today and just a 40% chance, a slight chance that there will be a pop-up shower, maybe even an isolated thunderstorm this afternoon. can't stress enough that most of the area will be dry today. so, just an isolated or scattered shower. heat, though, the big story the next two days. danella? >> thanks, veronica. right now checking on road work in virginia, outer loop at 123. the work zone had the ramps to 123 shut down and the right lane passing through was shut down as well. we have good ne
should call police in laurel. no leads as to who shot up a labor day weekend party in northeast baltimore killing a woman. police say larelle amos was in her front yard about 2:15 sunday morning when somebody a block away opened fire, striking her in the chest. she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> police searched for three men who shot a food delivery man. this happened just before 11:00 p.m. on clifton terrace. the victim said three strangers walked up to his car and started to shoot. the driver sped off but not before being shot. the victim will make a full recovery. two members remain on administrative leave after reportedly shooting a man in west baltimore. police noticed an armed man sitting on the steps of a house. police say the suspect ran at the officers and pointed a handgun in the other direction. that is when the officers fired. >> church officials in perry hall are planning their local bomb for high school shooting victim daniel borowy. a pastor is planning the day to .onor 70-year-old daniel -- 17-year-old daniel. he was shot last week during the first day of cla
around construction. here at central avenue you're okay. also construction in laurel southbound 95 to 16 and 198 in the right lane. i'll be back with more traffic at 4:47. >>> it is time for the first your money segment of the morning. >> the market is going to be turquoise today. i just wanted you to understand why. look the at stereo around he. >> we coordinate. you have the color, too. >> i sort of blend why. >> you're working it. we're hoping investors are going to work it today. we're hoping for a better day. wall street ended mixed yelled but at least it wasn't down across the board. some stocks were able to overcome downbeat reports on construction spending and manufacturing. and investors will have a fresh crop of economic indicators to look over later today. checking the numbers, the dow stands at 13,036, dropped 55 points just about in trading yesterday. nasdaq was up by 8 and the s&p 500 was down by about one and a half. part of the reason nasdaq was up, shares of apple rose 10 bucks after the company invited reporters to a news event next wednesday in san francisco. we previe
is the baltimore- washington parkway. delays stacking up from 197 out of laurel all the way to 410 where we have a crash this morning that's cleared but over an hour commute from out of laurel to riverdale. that's a check of your "fox 5 on-time traffic.." >>> thank you. a check of this morning's top stories. a community meeting is being held tonight to discuss the unsolved murder of a maryland teenager. 17-year-old amber stanley was killed in her sleep last month at her home in kettering. there is nothing in her background to indicate someone wanted her dead. police will address any concerns about the case at the kettering community center on chesterton drive beginning at 7 p.m. >>> clean-up continues in parts of the region from saturday's severe weather today. one of the hardest-hit areas, reston especially along south shore road. about a half dozen cars and seven homes were damaged in that neighborhood alone. nearly everyone who lost power though has it back this morning. >>> meantime local power companies are still dealing with a backlash from customers who lost power for days after the june
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